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    All equipment, installations, circuits and other electrical and electronic systems in commercial, power and industrial sector need drawings for their manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance. A technician working in design and shop floor must possess the skill of reading, interpreting different drawings and simulating electrical and electronics circuit for most of the activities. With the evolution of various computer software’s the role of earlier draftsman is now
    taken over by Computer software. The Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) and simulation (MATLAB/SIMULINK, PSpice, MULTISIM) software will be used to perform various practical exercises in this course. This will enable the students to become competent for working in the fast growing information technology environment by enhancing their computer aided drawing, designing and simulating skills in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.
  • Course Outcome

The theory should be taught and practical should be carried out in such a manner that students
are able to acquire different learning outcomes in cognitive, psychomotor and affective
domain to demonstrate following course outcomes.
i. Use various symbols and notations in electrical and electronics engineering drawings.
ii. Interpret drawings, draw interferences and workout other technical details.
iii. Draw various electrical and electronics circuits according to standard practices using
CAD software.
iv. Simulate/test simple electrical and electronics circuits using Simulation software
v. Prepare a PCB for a given mini project.

Teaching Scheme

Tutorial Practical Total
0 0 4 4

Examination Scheme

Theory Examination Practical Examination Total
ESE (E) PA (M) ESE Viva (V) PA (I)

    ESE = End Semester Examination, PA = Progressive Assessment