PHYSICS (3300005)

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Unit – 1 SI Units & Measurements        click here click here
Unit – 2 Static & Current Electricity        click here click here
Unit – 3 Electromagnetism & AC Current        click here click here
Unit – 4 Semiconductors & Nanotechnology        click here click here
Unit – 5 Sound, Laser & Optical Fiber         click here click here
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  • Reference Books
Sr Title Author Publication
1 University Physics Sears And Zemansky Pearson Publication
2 Conceptual Physics Paul G Hewitt Pearson Publication
3 Physics Halliday & Resnick Wiley India
4 Engineering Physics, 4e G Vijayakumari Vikas-Gtu Students’ Series
5 How And Why In Basic Mechanics Arvind Kumar & Shrish Barve Universities Press
6 Physics Part 1 And 2 Ncert Ncert
7 Physics For Scientists And Engineers Giancoli
8 Concepts Of Physics H C Verma
9 Fundamentals Of Physics Gomber & Gogia Pradeep Publications, Jalandhar
  • Course Outcome

As Physics is considered as basic science, its principles, laws, hypothesis, concepts, ideas are playing important role in reinforcing the knowledge of technology. Deep thought is given while selecting topics in physics. They are different for various branches of engineering. This will provide sound background for self-development in future to cope up with new innovations. Topics are relevant to particular program and students will be motivated to learn and can enjoy the course of Physics as if it is one of the subjects of
their own stream.
Engineering, being the science of measurement and design, has been offspring of Physics
that plays the primary role in all professional disciplines of engineering. The different streams of Physics like Optics, Acoustics, Dynamics, Semiconductor Physics, Surface Physics, Nuclear physics, Energy Studies, Materials Science, etc provide Fundamental Facts, Principles, Laws, and Proper Sequence of Events to streamline Engineering knowledge.